• Hand protection is absolutely critical for electrical and industrial workers.
  • These kits contain 1 pair of Rubber Insulating Gloves, 1 pair of Leather Protector Gloves and a Glove Storage Bag.
  • Flexible, strong, and durable Rubber Insulating Gloves offer excellent dielectric properties.
  • Goatskin Leather Protector Gloves should always be worn over Rubber Insulating Gloves to protect against cuts and punctures.
  • Glove Bag allows for flat storage of gloves to prolong glove life.
Electrical gloves cannot be returned or cancelled.



Kits Include:
Electrical Gloves: 11″ (Class 00 & 0) OR 14″ (Class 1 & 2)
Leather Protectors: 10″ (Class 00 & 0) OR 12″ (Class 1 & 2)
“Always Wear Your Gloves” Bag


Sizes Available: 7-12 (Class 00 & 0) and 8-12 (Class 1 & 2)
Colors: Orange, yellow, black, or red


Product Codes:
Class 00           Orange: RGLVC0011OK SZ
                          Yellow: RGLVC0011YK SZ
                          Black: RGLVC0011BK SZ
                          Red: RGLVC0011RK SZ
Class 0            Orange: RGLVC011OK SZ
                          Yellow: RGLVC011YK SZ
                          Black: RGLVC011BK SZ
                          Red: RGLVC011RK SZ
Class 1             OrangeRGLVC114OK SZ
                          Yellow: RGLVC114YK SZ
                          Black: RGLVC114BK SZ
                          * Red gloves not available in Class 1


Class 2           OrangeRGLVC214OK SZ
                         Yellow: RGLVC214YK SZ
                         Black: RGLVC214BK SZ
                         Red: RGLVC214RK SZ